Welcome to Auktionshaus Bad Homburg

20 years of experience have 

allowed us to ascertain the best

way to auction estates from A to Z,

including your inheritance, 

antiques and paintings.

Whether pieces of art or jewellery, 

we deal with collections or 

estates of every kind.

We offer you the opportunity to display 

your item in prime position in our

store as well as simultaneously 

auctioning your item on site and online.

Our estate agent services are also available

to take over the sale or rental of your property.

Let us give you some free expert advice to

help you avoid any pitfalls when selling.

As every item is different, we will 

discuss the best strategy for selling your 

item with you before auction.

You can rest assured that we will obtain

the highest possible selling price for you.

Our customers include private individuals, 

insolvency practioners,

executors, administrative bodies, 

government agencies, organisations,

foundations, estate agents, institutes 

and legal practices.

Please feel free to contact us

with any further questions you may have by email at


or by phone on +49 6172 271919

We look forward to your visit.

Eric Kreiner & Thomas Kreiner

Let us take you back to the good old times. Of course not everything was better before, but certainly more elegant, and the love of detail was a priority. With our brand Aubaho, we aim to bring the living style of back then back to life. Whether for your dream room or for your garden, you’ll find the right object for any space here. There is no limit to the combinations of new and old styles. In our store, you’ll find a gramophone for all old vinyl records or even a modern hand-painted picture. We offer antique-style garden furniture and wonderful sculptures to go with it. Even with just one of our products, you can achieve a nostalgic flair in your decor. Antiques of tomorrow, designed by Aubaho, for the house or garden.


Aubaho products are designed like in the old days and created with passion. Mostly original pieces from times gone by serve as our models. We therefore use many materials that were used back then. Whether bronze or iron; wood or glass, the nostalgic style is reflected in the materials. Aubaho products also fit perfectly in rooms with more of a modern direction. Whether it’s the antique-style bronze sculpture, the iron shelving or the elaborately adorned vase in the modern Murano style. With Aubaho, your living space will shine with the atmosphere of days gone by. Bit by bit, you will create your own oasis of comfort. We look forward to your visit and to our shop providing you with new decoration ideas and inspiration.


Comme autrefois, c'est avec force détails et passion que sont fabriqués les produits d'Aubaho. Nous utilisons les œuvres originales des temps passés comme modèle et, pour recréer fidèlement les styles d'autrefois, nous utilisons beaucoup de matériaux jadis appréciés : bronze, fer, bois ou verre. Ainsi, le style nostalgique ne se reflète pas seulement dans la peinture, mais aussi dans les matériaux. Les articles d'Aubaho sont également magnifiques dans des intérieurs de style moderne, que ce soit la sculpture en bronze de style antique, l'étagère en fer ou un vase moderne de style Murano magnifiquement travaillé. Donnez à votre intérieur un charme d'antan grâce à Aubaho. Créez petit à petit votre propre oasis de bien-être. Nous nous réjouissons de votre visite et des nouvelles idées déco et inspirations que vous trouverez dans notre boutique.